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Advantages of Using Competency Management Software

Gone are the days when you solely relied on interviews and surveys for competency profiling. Nowadays, companies are adopting the modern way of understanding and training the workforce to stay ahead of the curve – competency management software

So, what is competency management software, and what benefits can you reap? Let’s find out.

What Is Competency Management Software?

Competency management software can be described as a one-stop platform for testing, measuring and deploying training for employees’ competencies. It is a web-based tool that aims to make gap analysis and profile competency easier than ever. In addition, the software also allows provides employee database storage, performance analytics, training, monitoring, etc.

5 Advantages of Using Competency Management Software?

  • 1. Supports Business Goals

The right skills and talents within an organisation determine its success. HR professionals often find it challenging to manage different employees based on different job roles and their competencies. Thankfully, competency management software helps HR individuals to implement and track various plans and trainings through a common platform.

  • 2. Helps Competency Profiling 

By using competency management software, assessing technical and behavioural competency profile becomes easier, faster, and more efficient. It typically stores and analyses employees’ databases, providing better insights into their profiles. Eventually, you can deploy the best skills to boost the company’s overall performance.

  • 3. Better Employee Retention

Employees are an essential asset of any company who strives to achieve new heights. You get better employee retention when you work on their upskilling and proper condition. By using competency management systems, you can provide them routine training and skill up-gradation, which helps them grow. 

  • 4. Helps Gap Analysis

Employee skill gap analysis can be strenuous when performed through outdated methods. Especially if the workforce is large, you can’t waste your time surveying each individual in each department! A competency management system can analyse skill gaps through automatic assessments and by evaluating performance indicators. This way, you get proper insights while saving time and resources.

  • 5. Improves Decision Making

Making impactful organisational decisions can be a tough job for human resources. But when you know the competencies of each individual, you get a clear view while making decisions. In other words, competency management software can help you plan the best for each employee.


Overall, robust competency management software can help streamline essential HR operations. Whether planning new recruitment or simply looking forward to workforce upskilling, this software can be your ultimate partner. If you have decided to get one for your company, choose It’s Your Skills. They provide a top-notch skill management system for better talent acquisition and employee development. 


  • # How Does Competency Management Software Work?

A competency management system is a web-based software that tests, measures, evaluates, and trains staff competencies at an organisational or individual level.

  • # Does Competency Management Software Help in New Recruitment?

Yes, it can help the hiring process by storing candidates’ databases and conducting complete skills and behavioural competency profiling.

  • # I need to conduct a skill gap analysis shortly. How can I purchase a competency management system?

A competency management system can make your following gap analysis smoother and more efficient. You can purchase the package by visiting our website.

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