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Top Five Questions to Ask an AI in HR Recruitment Firm You Are Looking to Hire

It makes perfect sense that AI in HR recruiting leaders care about the people they hire to fill out their talent acquisition team. 

Skills inventory for AI in HR staffing companies is a compilation of the skills, education and experiences of current employees. Organizations use these records to rate whether current staff can meet company goals. Understanding the company’s pool of existing skill inventory and future skill inventory requirements–aids in strategic planning efforts

Well so, how do you know if someone will make a great recruiter? To help make this decision, here are five outstanding interview questions, you should ask any recruiting candidate.

  • The Association with the latest two Hiring Managers

Studies show that the single most significant element in being a successful recruiter is ‘consistently building a strong association with hiring managers.’ And that means–the recruiter is acting as a partner in the hiring process, and not just an order-taker.

By asking a candidate to reveal their relationship with their previous two hiring managers, you’ll get an idea of how they handle that relationship. Check out for a candidate who has a strong philosophy on how to handle connections— as compared to someone who’ll let each hiring manager act as a dictator.

  • Explain about the recent times you used data to assist you recruit

As data is becoming an increasingly fundamental part of hiring, it is a way for recruiters to pull up and become more strategic partners to their hiring managers, providing them reliable ‘Talent Pool Data’ on where to recruit and what to expect out of it. A right candidate should not have any problem listing the last two times they used data to hire, like leveraging a Talent Pool data Report from LinkedIn talent perception. Again, candidates who have a tough time quoting the pattern of how they use statistics to recruit are the ones who are not making use of all the elements required for success.

  • Exhibit your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles

These days, it isn’t enough to post jobs or email qualified candidates and be done. Recruiters need to start building relationships with candidates–digitally, making it easier to generate positions later. A recruiter must have an active LinkedIn profile because this can make or break the first impression. While a recruiting candidate with little or no professional social media presence outside of LinkedIn, shouldn’t necessarily be disqualified, but it is worth paying attention to those that get social media. 

  • What announcements do you read to stay up on the recruiting industry?

Recruiting is a dynamic industry that needs continuous approval of new Tools and techniques. Topmost recruiters can adapt to those changes quickly because they spend time every day, staying informed about the industry, they work in. A good question here is to ask the candidate what recent industry developments they think are exciting. 

What is the most fantastic factor of being a recruiter?

When a recruiter is genuinely passionate about what they do, candidates can feel it — growing more excited about the job each day. Listen for answers that get to the source of why the recruiter got into the business. They could be people who enjoy talking to candidates and hearing about their stories. Or perhaps they enjoy the feeling of helping people find a job they’ll thrive in.

Appoint the right recruiter and captivate the best— 

It is difficult to complete any job, in the absence of the correct tools. When it comes to presenting the best people to the business—hire the right recruiter. Spot someone as passionate as you, and who genuinely seems to care about every candidate who walks through the door. 

Skill inventory for HR staff companies should be reviewed on an ongoing basis, and employers should encourage employees to keep their skill matrix updated. By doing so, employers support the success of their strategic plans and achievement of their company’s short- and long-term goals. Skills inventory for HR staff companies can also detect skills gaps for current employees and identify areas where skills need to be upgraded via training.

When you combine all the above, with the skills, knowledge, and curiosity needed to do the job well, you cannot go wrong while hiring!!!

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