Doing away with Job Descriptions as we know it

Job Descriptions- Few Facts:

  • Job Descriptions are the basic information base in the recruitment process. Recruitment process almost always starts with the creation of Job Descriptions.
  • Hiring Managers have in their mind a set of words or phrases related to “skills” that are required for the job. Unfortunately, because of the way things are here, s/he is expected to translate the words of phrases in his/her mind to sentences or text.Converting words or phrases to text is always a painful process. So they try to find easier alternatives such as copy-paste from elsewhere.
  • The Recruiters are supposed to read the text in the Job Descriptions and cull out the words or phrases that the Hiring Manager had in his/her mind. Naturally they may not get it right. Prospects are also to do the same pick those words or phrases on skills correctly from the Job Description see if they match his/her profiles and decide to apply.

Employee Skills Management AD

The whole thing is cumbersome and inefficient. Different players in the recruitment process are very likely not to appreciate the skills that the hiring manager wanted.

So what can be done?

  • We can do away with Job Descriptions the way we are used to.
  • We can make the Hiring Manager put what s/he had in mind i.e. words and phrases related to the skills required in a structured manner without having to convert them to text.
  • We can go a step further and enable the Hiring Manager to cover all aspects of the job such as activities, knowledge, domain etc. i.e. those that are important but may not be expressed when he or she has to write text.
  • We can enable the Hiring Manager to put proficiency levels he/she expects on the different skills. This information is mostly lacking in the Job Descriptions.

We can get the Hiring Manager to do all this easily in less than 5 minutes, with Create Job Description from It’s Your Skills.