Employee Skills Management

Behavioural Profiles and Their Importance

Individuality is something that the world of business holds in high regard. As a result of this, behavioural assessments have been conducted by organisations for a long time. However, the assessment and correlation of job roles with behavioural attributes, hasn’t been at its peak. But, the best, advanced skills management system solves this problem.

Skills Management System – What is it?

A skills management system is comprehensive software that uses skills taxonomy and data-centric approaches, to create a web of skills that are distinguishable and interrelated. It helps businesses and professionals identify the required skills for a job and gaps.

Behavioural Competency Profiling

Behavioural competency profiling aims to identify the soft skills a candidate possesses. Thus, it helps you identify team effectiveness, communication, motivation, management application, leadership, sales aptitude, empathy, intuitiveness, etc. When behavioural competency is combined with skill-based competency, a structured, skill-based profile, can be developed for a professional. 

Structured Skills Profiling

A structured skill-based profiling process uses an advanced skills management system. This system understands job role requirements and the current competency of a professional. It then helps in identifying the skill gaps that need to be bridged.

The Need for Structured Skills Profiling

The structured skills profiling process is designed to help you:

  • 1. Assess the individual strengths and weaknesses you have. It allows you to work towards 2. building on your strengths and improving weaknesses. 
  • 3. It allows an individual to approach the risk of long-term unemployment by revealing skill gaps. It helps you update your skill-set consistently to remain relevant in our dynamic world.
  • 4. You can use a structured skills assessment to target appropriate services and programmes that are considered the most suitable for your profile.

Thus, we recommend you use the best software right away to conduct a skills assessment.  IYS is a leading data-centric human capital solution firm in India. They host behavioural competency profiling software that helps in identifying skill gaps.

We recommend you log onto their website and check it out right away. Identify the skill gaps you have, and work towards development right away! Stand out in a crowd by up-skilling yourself.

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