Skills Gap Analysis

Common Skill Gaps That Might Be Affecting Your Company’s Growth

Today, most of the corporate industry is moving towards a skill-based approach. Thus, if you can’t see the precise reason behind your company’s shortcomings, it might be a skill gap! You need to conduct a competency gap analysis to reveal the problem areas. Now how does a skill gap occur? What are some common skill gaps that might be hindering your company’s growth? Here are some common skill gaps found among most workforce.

How Does the Skill Gap Occur?

A skill gap is said to occur when the workforce doesn’t have the skills required by the organisation to achieve its goals. For instance, while fundamental technical skills would let you grab a job in the tech industry, they might lack some hard and soft skills that are needed to survive future challenges.

6 Common Skill Gaps

  • 1. Public confrontation

It is no surprise that most working professionals still don’t have the confidence to speak in public. Whether it is answering the questions during a job interview or hosting an event, the ability to speak publically shows your confidence to shine out.

  • 2. Writing skills

Like speaking, one must be good at writing too. From writing emails to long-form documents, a person with writing proficiency typically shows better day-to-day communication.

  • 3. Critical thinking

Critical thinking isn’t rocket science; it means the ability of a person to understand day-to-day challenges and find solutions. People who are often creative and curious show better problem-solving skills than those who aren’t.

  • 4. Cooperation and communication

No organisation can run without teamwork. Thus, if your workforce has the best technical skills but lacks communication and cooperation, no wonder you are far from your goals. Today, communication is one of the most sought sift skills that help you connect, understand, and respect others’ ideas.

  • 5. Leadership qualities

Companies often look for individuals who can handle a team efficiently. Good leadership qualities in an individual prove that they have the potential to take up bigger responsibilities tomorrow. 

  • 6. Data analysis

A business largely relies on facts and figures. Today, an individual must be able to interpret and organise data through excel, Tableau, etc. Good data analysis skills mean a person can use those insights to develop better strategies. 

Hire The Best Skills Management Consultant.

A skill gap is a real problem in many organisations that haven’t realised the importance of a skill-based approach. However, it’s never too late to embrace the good change and bring positive results. It’s Your Skills is a professional skill management company that offers bespoke competency gap analysis. Their expert skill management consultants are here to streamline your organisation’s upskilling needs. Visit their website to learn more about their latest skill management software and services.


# Does the skill gap count only technical skill requirements?

No. A skill gap analysis considers all the technical, hard, and soft skill competencies.

# How can competency profiling help address the skill gap?

Competency profiling lets you get a holistic record of each employee’s current skills and capabilities. Thus, you can analyse what upskilling they need to address the gap.

# Why is a professional skills management consultant needed for efficient gap analysis?

An expert skills management consultant can help you achieve accurate gap analysis and ways to address them. From skills taxonomy to competency management software, their expertise can help you minimise gaps.

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