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Cornerstone is the leading people development company in the world. Cornerstone acquires ‘Clustree’ to Build Leading AI-Powered Skills Ontology Platform for people development.

Cornerstone –The company has now entered the skills cloud market through the acquisition of Clustree. 

Cornerstone–plans to integrate the Clustree skills engine and skills ontology into its portfolio of products. The integration will give Cornerstone clients access to AI-powered skills engine and extensive skills ontology.

The integration will enable Cornerstone clients and the people to:

       Build a skills inventory– Organisations will have a clear perception of the employees’ present Skills, allowing them to match employees to the specific roles better and build more and more productive teams. Also, employees will have a better understanding of the skills and capabilities they have, as well as the specialised skills required for that position.

       Identify specific areas for growth and development– Based on employees’ current job positions and estimated career pathway—establishments and their people could identify probable skill gaps and approach personalised growth opportunities within the workflow, including new learning content. 

       Make more informed recruiting decisions– Businesses will be able to detect “hidden” skills in applicants’ resumes, depending on their previous job roles, credentials and accomplishments, enabling HR teams to better match candidates with open requisitions.

By joining Cornerstone, we can expand our print even more significant and integrate the value theory, into a leading people development solution that can be used by many businesses around the world. 

We believe that people can achieve anything when they have the right development and growth opportunities. We offer organisations the technology, content, expertise and specialised focus to help them realise their people potential. Skills Ontology Features— comprehensive recruiting, personalised learning, new content delivery in the workflow development-driven performance management and workforce data management. Cornerstone’s people development solutions are much used by thousands of global clients, spanning more than 40 million users across 186 countries and 42 languages. 

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To stay resourceful in the market and to effectively respond to internal and external demands for skills and competencies, organisations need to understand the skills and competencies of their human resources. 

This is where Skills Ontology-based management comes in.

It’s Your SkillsSkill Ontology functions like a bridge between job seekers and employers. Skills Ontology aggregates similar job titles, competencies, skills, educations, and so on to build a handy, searchable, database of jobs, organised by discipline. By logically understanding the relationships between job content, competences, experience, and education—a skills ontology helps deliver more relevant search results and recommendations. In short, the Skills Ontology provides an exhaustive and precious resource where skills are organised in such a manner that we can articulate, analyse and infer information on skills in a seamless way.

Skills Ontology is a structured resource of skills. The Skills Ontology helps in identifying skills and experiences in your workforce. It consists of a precious and dynamic resource of capabilities across industries and functions for easy mapping of skills to people and jobs. Skills Ontologies enable matching datasets and help to bring a universal commonness in the use of semantics used for skills. It uses information on skills much more efficiently, thus helping people to make better decisions and choices. It also enables an adequate flow and use of information on skills, collected from across the global talent landscape.

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