Democratising career development within the organization


  • Career development remains the most important concern of employees. They want to know how they will grow within the company and what opportunities exist or will be available to them in the future.
  • Ownership of career development is not so clearly defined. Is it that of HR? or, is it the immediate supervisor’s or manager’s? or, is it that of the business unit head’s?
  • Career development plans needs availability of good amount of information on the current jobs as well as future jobs and the skills that are needed for the current and the future job.
  • Most companies do not have such information and thus it is difficult for the employee, HR or Manager to clearly help the employee.

What can be done?

  • Get Skills Profiles of all the jobs in one place. Skills profiles in a simple, structured and precise manner showing the skills required and the skills proficiencies required for the job.
  • Similarly get Skills Profiles of all the employees. Get them to map their skills and rate their proficiencies in the skills.
  • Make the Job Skills Profiles accessible to the employees such that they can compare their skills with any job in the company i.e. be able to compare the Job Skills Profile and their Employee Skills Profile.
  • They themselves will be able to appreciate the various jobs in the companies, understand the skills required for the jobs and be able to appreciate their skills gap.

Note that the Skills Profile is same for that of job and the employee and is simple, structured and has proficiency levels.

Here is a sample output of the Skills Gap Analysis for a company.


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