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What is Missing in the Majority of the Employee Experience App

Well—it is the Skills Database or Skills Ontology. Employee Experience App or portals can plug into It’s Your Skills Database [World’s most advanced skills on cloud list]. It’s Your Skills [IYS] expertise in skills research and offers Good Quality Data on Skills for HR Tech developers and others.

It’s Your Skills–aims to improve the quality of data on skills in the talent landscape. In this context, it has developed and continuously enriches its Skills Ontology. 

It also offers these skills ontology to developers of HR applications in different ways including Skills Ontology API, Skills Profiler Plugin and Skills List.

The Skills Profiler can be integrated with internet applications such as job portals, HRIS and recruitment systems. The inherent user interface of the skills profiler makes it easy to add search, select and add capabilities to one’s profile or that of jobs. 

Obtain the power of IYS Skills Ontology Engine in your various HR application with our Skills Ontology API. 

The Skills resources are now available in the form of Skills API. Employee Experience App enables access to the most comprehensive and continuously updated Skills Ontology. Through the Skills API, one can allow calling of skills that are related to skills searched, skills categories pertaining to the skills searched and more.

By using IYS Skills API in your applications, you can suggest relevant skills to your users according to their search, that will help them to get the valuable information on qualifications.

IYS Skills API Attributes:

· Search for Skills from IYS Skills Ontology Engine

· Get the data on skills from IYS Skills Ontology Engine

· Display Related Skills based on the selected Skills

· Display Recommended Skills based on the Skills chosen

· Always have access to the latest data on the Skills

IYS also shows skills–based on user search and also the user to select an appropriate qualification. Allows the user to rate proficiency on skills. Allows the user to write comments for skill chosen types. 

From the IYS Skills Ontology, through the API call skills based on user search to auto-complete or auto prompt users.

Skills Ontologies enable matching datasets and help to bring a universal commonness in the use of semantics used for skills. It uses information on skills much more efficiently, thus helping people to make better decisions and choices.

The Skills Ontology covers almost all functions in various spectrum of industries and talent pools. Therefore connect with us at www.itsyourskills.com to request a demo.

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