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Skills Inventory

Skills Inventory


Take stock of your employees’
skills with IYS’ simple yet
powerful cloud application

The Skills Inventory process is simple and engaging.
The output is simple yet powerful.


Job Skills Profile
(JSP) Creation

Using the Skills Profiler, managers create JSPs which indicate skills & proficiencies associated with a job.


Employee Self
Skills Profiling

Against the JSPs, the employees indicate skills they have along with their proficiency levels in each, and also include other skills.

Employee Skills
Profile Review

Managers review the Skills Profiles of employees, share feedback, discuss, seek changes and finally approve the profiles.


Skills Inventory

The Skills Inventory has information on skills (and proficiency levels in them) at an organization level for analysis and decision making.

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Skills Level Analytics

Perform powerful analytics such as strengths or weaknesses in skills, distribution of skills at organization unit levels.


Instant Start

IYS Employee Skills Inventory is a cloud-based application. Just register and start using - no hardware or software investment needed.


Low Cost

Completely FREE for up to 30 employees. A token amount as fee per employee for over 30 employees.


No Overheads

No time or money spent on training users. No expense towards maintenance.



Effortless scalability - so you can experience the application for a small team first and then easily expand to other organization units.

Jobs Skills Profile

Skills Inventory

Skills Inventory and Gap Analysis is enabled by the

Most Comprehensive Skills Library covering

Technical / Functional
and Behavioral Skills

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All Industries / Functions

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