Skills Ontology

Getting A Job Based On Your Skills Now Got Easier!

For organizations across the globe finding employees with the right skillset has become a rock-solid challenge. Owing to the dynamically evolving work environments, shifting workplaces and agile, tech-enabled frameworks, hiring the right employees for the right profiles has become imperative. Skills Taxonomy can help organizations to clear the clutter of resume and find individual profiles that suit jobs the best. 

Skills Management Consultancy help organizations, HR Tech and individuals in making high-octane upgrades in recruitment, learning and development, workplace planning, workforce distribution and more. With comprehensive skill profiling powered by a constantly updated skills taxonomy blueprint, organizations can always be a step ahead in their manpower forefront without any significant hiccups. 

What is Skills Taxonomy? 

Imagine yourself on a road trip to an unknown place and have your car, food, and other necessities. What is the one thing that you just absolutely cannot do without? A map. Like a map would guide you to where to turn next and which road to drive on, skills taxonomy does the same with your skills. It carefully analyzes all the soft and hard skills you have and maps out the best connections between them that would broaden the horizons of your career opportunities.

How Does It Work and How Can You Benefit from It?

The database receives input on your skills which can be technical, aptitude-based, qualifications, certifications, and passions. Based on the information the person provides the database uses the following to define and distinguish the skills:

  • 1. Hierarchy: It often happens that the term we use to define our skill lacks clarification. For example, if we’re referring to web designing as our skill, mentioning the specific field web-designing enhances our chances of finding a job better suited to our specific skill. The hierarchy provides a particular skill set within the skill mentioned.
  • 2. Association: Skills usually show correlation; two skills may be used in the same field. The association helps connect different skills so that you can find a better job using a combination of both.
  • 3. Context: Words lack meaning if they don’t have context, but sometimes finding the suitable prefix and suffix seems impossible. At the consultancy, the database will do the work for you and help you convey yourself in the best way possible.

The skills management consultancy covers a wide range of skills that maximum users can benefit from it. It covers industries like

  • # IT
  • # Engineering
  •  # Life Sciences
  •  # Finance
  • # HR
  • # Arts
  • # Science
  • # Education. 

With the latest software tools and programs like Natural Language Processing (NLP), the AI creates new algorithms and provides the user with a carefully researched and best possible solution. Besides the best AI, the consultancy has a team of experts who provide them with insights about the market based on a specific field. Feedback from users helps when creating new algorithms to provide the best results.

So, become a member of the IYS Skills Tech and get the best job options based on your skills today!

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