Getting useful data on skills from recruitment process to improve recruitment

Recruitment Process-challenges

  • Lot of effort is spent on recruitment by every company. The recruitment process involves several stake holders such as the Hiring Manager, internal recruiters, external recruiters, job boards, candidates, interviewers and HR.
  • There is lot of information that is generated and processed in the whole process. However, very little of this information is really used. That is a waste of wealthy information.
  • Most of the recruitment process tracking is at very basic level such as number of candidates who apply, who applied from which source, how long has it taken to process, what is the hit rate and such.
  • But we hardly get to analyse recruitment information at skills level. How many candidates were available with which skills? Which skills combination are available and which skills combination or not? What is the probability of finding a particular skills combination? If the probability for certain combination of skills is low, what next best alternative is available? And so on.

What can be done to improve recruitment process?

  • Obviously, we need to be paying more attention to information on skills for every applicant. To reemphasise, we need to get down to skills level of every applicant.
  • Second, we need to assimilate the information on skills generated at every level. When recruiters do a screening, the information they get on skills should be collected. When interviewers evaluate candidates on skills, information they generate should be collected. And so on.
  • Third, the information collected of skills of applicants collected at every stage should be easy to collect and as precise as possible.
  • Finally, the information should be aggregated and available at one place (no matter how many recruiters were involved or applicants applied or interviews done) for easy analysis of skills information.

So how can we achieve this?

Solutions from It’s Your Skills can help.

  • It makes skills profile creation for the jobs easy, standard, structured and shareable.
  • The skills and data can be easily manipulated and analysed like we do in an Excel.