How to get the Hiring Manager to become realistic in fulfilling their requirement

It is finally the recruitment team or HR that faces the flak for not being able to hire for open positions. Their job is extremely tough – sourcing the right profile that the Hiring Manager wants.

Many times the hiring does not happen because there is unreasonable expectation. One expects a set of combination of attributes in the profile of the person to fill the position and willing to pay a certain price. Maybe there are people with a decent, if not, perfect match to the expectations but the price is not right.

Or maybe the expectations are itself unreal. The combinations of attributes itself is a stretch and is not available easily in the market. After all what the Hiring Manager expresses as expectations are desires which may or may not be in tune with the reality.

HR or Recruitment, unfortunately is not able to turn back and present what is realistically possible and what is not. Either it does not have sufficient data or in most cases is not able to assert itself.

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What can be done?

Two things. One, hiring Managers need to have access to the market information. Two, Recruiters should be able to share data (close to real time on what is happening on the recruitment effort), data on the kinds of profiles and the combination of different skills available etc.

One thing that can easily be done is to give every hiring manager access to the job portal which otherwise only Recruitment or HR team has. Even before they decide the expectations, let them get to see what is available in the market. With little bit of search they will be able to find out how many people with the combination of their expectations are available in the market.

For recruiters to be able to present good quality data, particularly on skills, it needs to be collecting and presenting them. Unfortunately it is not able to do so in today’s ways of things. Lets say it needs to present a case where it can go back to the Hiring Manager and say that there are 10 persons who are available with expected levels of skills in skill A, some 60% are meeting expectation in skill B and in skill D none are available. Such a presentation of data on skills, will help Hiring Manager take better decision. Maybe (s)he will decide that skill D can be dropped for now and the best person can be asked to develop or learn this skill D.

How can It’s Your Skills help?

It’s Your Skills offers a Skills Profile framework and an application where skills profile of jobs and individuals can be created in a simple and structured manner.

Further, it’s your skillsrecruitment solution, relies more on providing structured, standardized information on skills from different applicants. This is like having an Excel sheet with numbers on different skills for different candidates. This makes it easy for any Hiring Manager or HR or Recruiter to analyse, present and take decisions.

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