Skill Inventory

How Can Skill Inventory Enable Effective HR Data-driven Strategies, Result and Employee Experience.

Skill Inventory helps usher hiring decisions that can ensure-HR management. It has the workforce necessary to meet the current and future needs of the organization. Skill Matrix and the abilities of current employees allow the business to identify Skills Gaps that can be filled by new applicants. 

Skill Ontology Effects on HR Data-driven Strategy —

*Enables HR Managers to analyze and make strategic decisions on ‘Human Capital’ in the companies. 

The Skills Database and quality of information are the factors that determine the effectiveness of “Skills Inventory”.

*Skills Mapping of employees to generate a Skills Inventory is made easy with the comprehensive Skills Library offered by ‘It’s Your Skills ‘.

*A detailed Skills Management Software of employees is a powerful–HR data-driven Resource.

Of a common type of inventory–a Materials Inventory helps the professionals to analyze the availability of different materials, take decisions on what elements need to be bought.

Skills Inventory should similarly enable HR managers to understand the various skills available in the company. It must help analyze which skills are adequately available, in which skills there are shortages, whether individual skills should be acquired, or whether skills must be developed from within.

Therefore, the Skills Inventory is of high strategic importance in HR decision making processes in a business. 

Skills Inventory can be useful only if detailed and high-quality data is available. However, the availability of a comprehensive Skills Database provides—

a. information about the number of employees with project management skills, 

b. skills in agile methodology,

c. members who are at proficiency level 3 and proficiency level 2, etc. 

Such Skill Analysis can offer a massive boost to the effectiveness of decision making.

‘Skills Ontology’ covers a comprehensive range of functions, covers skills in detail, i.e.–knowledge, tools and technologies, behavioural skills and roles or activities. 

In other terms, what would otherwise require a significant spend on consultants to create a Competency library, is built into– It’s Your Skills system and ready to use, for no extra cost.

The Skills Profiler is a user-friendly web and mobile responsive coherence that helps users to pick and rate skills to design them in a specific and structured manner. 

Thus, Skill Inventory can be initiated with little effort, with It’s Your Skills, cloud-based application. It is browser driven and can be used to dice or slice  the data to run queries, create reports and many more. Check out high performing skills managing tools inventory skills, gap analysis skills, HR analytics, and workforce analytics and let us know the feedback.

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