How to Hire Successfully: Focus on Mission, Values And Talent

Hire Successfully

An Organization always aims for a right hired candidate as they are the assets of the organizations. The success story of the organization depends on its right hired candidate, getting them the right position and giving them opportunity to grow.

As it is said by Author and teacher Jim Collins “getting the right people on the bus.”  Right Hire determines the growth of the organization if it is simultaneously backed with the enhancement of talent of the employee. On the contrary a wrong hire can cost the company tens of thousand of its revenue.

So what determines one being good at  hiring?

The recruiter needs to think from the perspective of the organization. He needs to see and understand the vision and mission of the company and in a way set his expectations while hiring. He needs to understand the best of the employee and for which process he is hiring based on the requirement of the process and the profile of the candidate. Profiling is something which plays an important role in successful hiring. If the profiling is done correctly then half of the job gets done. 3D Talent Services has launched a composite tool, keeping in mind all the challenges that are faced while hiring by the recruiters of different companies. It sets a very clear expectation on the requirement and provides the proper understanding of the role, which is counted as a very necessary step for impeccable hiring.

If it is thought that higher wages than the competitors is a solution to hiring best people , then it is a wrong solution , according to Collins. The right employee for the Organization must not be driven by money but by the Organization’s mission, He says.  “The right people can often attract money, but money by itself can never attract the right people. Money is a commodity; talent is not,” Collins says.

Continuous transformation is a process which helps the organization to grow. Transformation in the organization can only come when talent is developed with in the organization contributing towards its productivity and growth and this process runs successfully only when recruitment and talent development goes hand in hand.

Hiring the right people in today’s complex business world is greatly enhanced when companies break with their traditional practices – As believed by Jim Blackburn of Surve Partners. “We believe that focusing on who the candidate is versus what the candidate has accomplished is more important in hiring the right person,” he says. “It requires adopting a very counter intuitive recruiting approach.”  If the Organizational goals and values are set up clearly then chances of hiring the right candidate even in challenging situation maximizes. But it’s the role of the board of committee and management to set right these features to enable a successful hiring procedure.

Four Golden rules that needs to be followed for right hiring are :

  • Defining the organization’s values vision and goals.
  • Discover if the candidate is talented, growth oriented and open to learning.
  • Look for candidates who would be able to sustain pressure and ready to take up challenges.
  • Ensure best fit.

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If any of the said rules are overlooked while hiring then the organization might land up paying the cost for wrong hiring. 69% percent of employers said their companies were adversely affected by a bad hired candidate last year, according to a recent study by Career Builder. Forty-one percent of those businesses estimated the cost of a bad hired candidate was over $25,000; twenty-four percent said it cost them more than $50,000.

So after this long discussion it can be concluded that Companies Vision and Mission can be put under challenge due to bad hiring.