How to Map Competency?

Skill mapping is as essential to business as using the right ingredients in a bakery. The correct mix of skills helps businesses leverage their productive capacity and reach their full potential. Using the best skill management system can help you implement a comprehensive approach to skills mapping.

You may be asking how it helps you and wondering about the advantages of the same. Let’s take a closer look at how the best competency management system software, can help you grow your business.

How does it work?

When it comes to mapping the skills of your employees, employing competency management system software can help you set out job-specific skillsets.  How it works is, the software uses an exhaustive skills taxonomy. This system helps your HR catalogue skills based on individual job profiles in your organisation. 

Following this, the next step involves mapping the number of relevant skills your employees have. Using this system, you can map out different employee skills and then match them to the job roles they undertake. It helps you understand the areas where your employees need training and development.

Thus, it helps your HR team get a clear view of the overall competency profile available and the required loopholes to manage to bridge the gap. 

Features of the Best Software

  1. The best software helps you profile the skills of your employees using a robust skills inventory.
  2. You can apply the skill management system to single-out job-specific skills and requirements.
  3. The software is a simple to use SaaS that uses a practical approach to help you increase business efficiency.
  4. Due to the cloud-based architecture it can quickly process data giving your business dynamic capabilities for growth.
  5. It helps in detail-oriented reporting for micro and macro organisational levels to aid sound decision-making.
  6. The flexible payment options available for this software make it extremely affordable.

Business growth comes from seamless integration between your talent pool and business functions. Using the industry’s best skill management system, will help you map competencies and skills promptly.

Once you implement this system into your organisation, the benefits are endless. It helps improve your recruitment efficiency and automates HR processes. Thus, it frees up space for you to focus on business strategy, allowing for quick business growth.

Search online for the best ESM and implement it in your business right away. It will help you achieve exponential growth. 


1. What is skills mapping software?

A skills mapping software helps you catalogue the skills available in your workforce. It then matches these skills to the requirements of your organisation’s available job roles. 

2. What does “cloud-based” mean?

The software is hosted online via servers on a cloud. All your data is stored online using encrypted processes, assuring security. Cloud-based systems offer higher processing capacity and thus, are faster.

3. Can I hire it for a finite duration?

Yes. You can hire the best ESM for your company for a finite period as it helps reduce your cost. Additionally, you also pay according to the strength of your workforce.