Why are Resumes Wrecking the Hiring Process- HR AI and Humans Complement Each other for Recruiting

The globe has changed ever since we moved over from the traditional business to doing businesses on the internet. The Web has triggered a wave of new disruptive technologies and apps. 

Resumes Are Messing Up Recruitment. Well let’s see why?

While resumes can link an applicant’s skills to the role, they are poor at anticipating how well the applicants will interconnect with the company’s culture.

The issue with these hiring criteria is that they are biased towards applicants from a wealthier background. These types of families usually have better connections and networks and can provide better education opportunities.

So, what is the Solution?

Companies genuinely interested in hiring people from various backgrounds must discontinue the traditional practice of refining by résumés. Recruiters must get proof of competencies to find the most promising candidates, those capable of becoming good leaders with skills needed to succeed in a fast-moving cosmos.

New hiring processes and tools can help recruiters find diverse talent pools and reach candidates who may have previously been excluded from consideration. If hiring companies to pay less attention to skill matrix– and history-focused résumés and focus instead on the socio-emotional and behaviour of applicants, those from economically underprivileged backgrounds would have much broader job possibilities. 

Extensive technology corporations like IBM are also helping build social businesses to determine properness, ie-the “ability to create more productive work experiences through social and digital expertise —by utilising the power of social media.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

*How is AI Revolutionizing HR?

Organisations are working towards having more profitable HR strategies. At times it is difficult for the people to adapt and learn different ‘AI tools and Techniques’ proficiently, which create hurdle in achieving the organisational goals. AI-Enabled Recruiting has not only simplified the recruitment process but also changed the way HR works while hiring.

*Candidate Screening

You can use ‘Technology’ to shortlist candidates for a job. A resume interpreter extracts data from the candidate’s resume and converts the info available in data fields. Hire smarter and make employee selection automatic, using the ‘Automation Tool’.

*Match Technologies

Get quality recommendations while complimenting a Resume or Job description. “Match Technologies” apprehend the difference between job description and the candidate. Therefore, it allows you to look for perfect candidates soon. It offers the best fit through synonym matches related to the domain, skills data science, tools, location, education, etc.

*Resume Improvement

Get the latest information about the applicants with the help of their social profiles. Visit the market to get all the information you need from the email ID of a candidate.

Advantages of Using AI in Hiring

*Quality Hiring: Recruiters can collect more data on each candidate & evaluate them more efficiently. AI makes it easier to assess the skills and experience of the candidates using unique algorithms.

*Timesaving: AI software only needs a few seconds to analyse significant amount of information and provides sustainable results that can be considered by the decision-maker.

*Removing Favoritism: Inequity has no place in Technology. AI checks candidates only based on their skills, experience, and qualifications. Thus, there is no scope of bias with Technology.

*Better Candidate Assessment: With predictive analytics, you can know about the job-changing behaviour of candidates in the future. Relevant candidate information helps in selecting the right candidate and promotes smart talent acquisition.

The recruitment industry is implementing, the smart way, i.e., recruiting with the help of HR AI. Many sectors are focusing on the change taking place in the recruitment process.

Traditional hiring processes that revolve around CVs are just not enough – they do not bring out the right qualities demanded. Resumes highlight applicants’ past achievements and experience. While CVs are good at showcasing formal skills, they are not useful for identifying values and behaviour. Resumes generally do not distinguish between Skills and Competencies.

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