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HR Challenges with Skill Ontology with Respect to Talent Acquisition

One of the biggest challenges being faced by HR Management and business leads–is Attracting ‘Top Class Talent’. The talent assessment [TA] floor says that hiring the best candidates for various roles is a tough and expensive process. HR Recruiters must be aware of the challenges to overcome if they want to hold the finest workers.

Skill Ontology must be applied to the Workforce Analytics, with attribution to Talent Acquisition.

Challenges in Implementing and Talent Acquisition-

                    *Talent Insufficiency is one of the Hiring Challenges, businesses face today-

The reason why companies are finding it difficult to fill jobs is due to the widening Skill Gap that results in talent inadequacy. Korn Ferry Institute suggests that the global talent shortage can grow to 85.2 million people by 2030. Finding Perfect Talent is becoming increasingly difficult. Applying Skill Ontology in HR recruiting strategies

This is a huge opportunity for India and its economy to become on par with other developed economies of the world. Employers must start focusing on upskilling for current employees and perform Skill Gap Analysis, for new employees, as finding talent with the required skills will become difficult with time.

                 *Organisers Face A Recruiting Challenge Due to Poor Communication Between HR and Hiring Managers

Lack of understanding and communication between hiring managers and recruiters can lead to poor candidate experience and candidates leaving at a later stage of hiring. This also leads to a bad employer brand which again seriously compromises the employer’s ability to attract top quality candidates.  Although the goal of both recruiter and hiring manager is to find the best possible candidate for a certain job, poor communication often leads to an unhealthy relationship, which reflects during the hiring process. Hiring managers, are sometimes not able to effectively share their needs for the vacancy, which leads to inaccurate expectations and big gap during hiring. The principle in maintaining a healthy relationship with the hiring manager is–Positive Communication.

              *Important Sourcing Challenges is–Poorly Written “Job Descriptions”

Job descriptions can tell about your company direction ie ––how well the candidate will fit in the company set up and create clear expectations about what is awaited from the applicant. Whereas inefficiently written job descriptions lead to confusion and stop people from applying for that job even if they are fit for it.  Companies lose out on top quality talent as candidates find it really difficult to respond to a job description that is not clear enough to describe the details of the goals and objectives of the job. Some tips to create good job descriptions is to use professional, clear job titles, and not use fancy adjectives or extreme modifiers.  So, create an engaging overview of the job and gradually focus on how it will contribute to the company’s objectives. 

             *Another Big Talent Acquisition Challenge is—the Inability to Use Data for Administration

Even though there is a rise in the use of technology for recruiting, most HR Managers still do not fully utilize the Skills Database to enhance their decision-making capabilities. Global companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon—known for their exceptional quality talent, depend on data driven decision making model for recruiting.

Recruiters must become more data-savvy and start tracking metrics beyond the usual time to fill or quality of hire.   The only way of consistently hiring and retaining highly efficient candidates currently, is to dive deep in Skills database

             *One more big challenge in talent acquisition is—Insufficient Candidate Experience

Does Insufficient Candidate Experience Hamper Talent Acquisition

Well, if employers overlook this part during the hiring process, not only will they lose unique talent, but also waste resources. There are multiple researches that point out to a close relationship between a bad candidate experience and higher time to fill. It is a very bothersome experience for candidates to remain in limbo about their final status. 

A lot that can be done to ensure a positive candidate experience like– having a convenient job site that is regularly updated with jobs, creating a well-defined application flow and a continuous communication plan that keeps all collaborators well informed.

Implementing Fresh talent in this rapidly growing economy is difficult as demand exceeds supply. Recruiters will need to undertake a multifront approach which includes various traditional tactics with Data-driven hiring approaches, to win in this competitive topography. Check out high performing skills managing tools Skill ontology, inventory skills, gap analysis

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