Improving Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement can be improved by helping employees understand their skills, helping them appreciate their skills gap and helping them focus on skills they need to develop.

  • Map or create Skills Profile of employees
    a. Most organizations do not have a systematic process of mapping skills of employees. They need to have one.
    b. The Skills mapping should include all aspects of skills or competencies, not just “soft” or behavioral skills – most often the focus of HR
    c. The process of mapping should be done on a regular basis as skills improve or new skills get added to an employee’s profile.

With Skills Profiling, employee engagement gets a boost as the employee begins appreciating that his or her overall talent is being understood by the organization.

  • Appreciation of Skill Gaps
    This is best done by the employee himself or herself. The most logical way would be for the employee to know in what skills one is inadequate vis a vis that required for a job. Creating what we can call Job Skills Profile is a thus a logical step in the employee engagement process – one that will improve appreciation of one’s skills vis a vis that for a job.
  • Identification of skills to be developed for career development
    Employees have different aspirations. They may want to take up different roles or assignments. Helping the employees to figure out for themselves the skills that they need to develop for taking up a new job in the company will help them focus on these skills for their development – an important aspect of continuing and sustained employee engagement.

Employee engagement to a large part if about effectively engaging and developing the employee’s skills. Better engagement and development of employee skills will surely lead to improved employee engagement.

YouTube video on improving employee engagement

It’s Your Skills offers tools or web applications for creating Employee Skills Profile, Job Skills Profile and Skills Gap identification – these could be useful for organizations to improve employee engagement.

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