Skills Ontology

Magpie (by – a Search Engine—optimised for learning that infers Skills Ontology through a unique and proprietary concept, the “skills signature”, designed to give personalised algorithmic recommendations.

Magpies are famous for seeking out glittering content for their roost. It seems to fit the intelligent algorithms, tasked with seeking out golden content for the learners.  

To recommend the right learning content for each learner, we must:

· Understand learners–in particular, the connection between a learner’s role, their objectives, the projects and tasks they are working on and skills that will optimise their performance.

· Understand learning content. In particular, to name the content with the skills and knowledge it helps build.

· Curate learning content. Organise libraries of courses, articles, videos according to the skills and terminology that matters to each client.

These are the capabilities we have built into Magpie

Magpie uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to do the job. These techniques are revolutionising many sectors, feeding on profiles from increasing online activity and advances in processing power. There is an ongoing research programme supporting magpie development, and so the technologies employed, changes to reflect the latest advancements. 

Skills Ontology by It’s Your Skills—Every establishment wants to develop and re-skill their workforce to grow their people and their business. Still, many of them lack a fundamental understanding of the skills they have and the skills they need. Skills Ontology effectively tackles this issue heads on. A Skills Ontology, therefore, offers maximum support for job finders and employers. When it is incorporated into a job platform, it lets users get the search results they are expecting, without having to worry about the search criteria. 

The use of this dynamic talent management platform has the potential to be a game-changer in HRM. Its applicability lies in the many changes it brings to HRM, including recruitment, workforce management, learning management, skills analytics, career planning, and macro-level planning.

There are many big and small players in the ‘skills management’ market focusing on providing skill management applications fitted but there only a few providers who are focused on Skills Ontology-based-Skills-On cloud and its applications.

From the buyer’s perspective, organisations now realise the importance of investing in the skills and competencies of their human resources and how to best utilise them with the right process, tools & technologies.

It’s Your Skills—- Skill Ontology maintains one of the most comprehensive Skills Ontologies based on Skill Research, offer them in the form of simple applications for—Excellent Skills Management.

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