Why Resumes are Bad and What we can do About them?

“Resumes” are a written exaggeration of only the good things that people do and a wish list of the qualities that they’d like to have.” American entrepreneur and author Bo Bennet couldn’t have spoken a truer word! People seem to be just blasting resumes everywhere and to everyone! They’re literally all over the place– both in electronic form and in paper form.

There’s nothing wrong per se in using resumes, but they belong to a different generation altogether- an era where people had the time and energy to read. No recruiter worth his salt would depend solely on resumes to assess a potential candidate’s worthiness.  I have my reasons to believe that resumes are passé-


Why Resumes are Bad

Resumes do not conform to the 1st rule of the world today – minimum text that conveys maximum message.

Recruitment professionals receive not less than a few hundred resumes every day. How many of these do you think they read thoroughly? Probably none! They don’t spend more than 15-20 seconds per resume. And if you think otherwise, you are seriously in need of a rude awakening.  Haven’t we all given up on reading long texts? We are more comfortable with short and crisp messages.

The problem with long worded resumes is that key elements are often lost in the huge volume of text. It is quite possible that a well handled challenge in your job, a career highlight, or some other capabilities may not be highlighted enough to catch your recruiter’s attention.

Employee Skills Management AD

Resumes have, in recent years, become an exercise in creative writing.

Resume writing itself has become an enterprise. ‘Professional resume writers’ don’t go beyond bare minimum information about you, but instead build stuff around whatever’s available to make your resume appealing. Such CVs are usually full of inaccurate facts and are bereft of important information that’s left unsaid only because the writer does not understand them. Since, you’re the one who’s gone through the experience you are the only person who can bring this out well. You know what you’ve done, you know yourself best, and you know your skills best, hence it makes sense that you present your case. Unfortunately, not many understand that fancy words don’t matter as much as facts and figures. And that is why we outsource resume writing task.

These are only some of the issues. I will take up more problems that resumes create in my next blog.

Being aware of these problems, we have tried to create a simple and straightforward solution- Skill Profiling.  This is probably the best way to present our skills, experiences and talent in a manner that needs very little text and imparts greater focus on our capabilities. Skill profiling passes both tests; they convey your message succinctly and with minimal help.

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