Root causing skills shortage is vital

        Companies are quite concerned that they are unable to find people with required skills and term it as skills shortage.

Individuals are quite concerned that they are unable to find the right kind of jobs.

Governments are worried about unemployment and the socio-economic problems it creates.

Why all this? 

The chief factor is shortage of information on skills. What skills are required? Which skills are in greater demand? What skills would be needed say five years from now? And then there are problems related to flow of information itself. How can a person with a combination of skills find that job that matches his or her profile? Similarly, how can a company find the person with required combination of skills?

The second problem is accentuated by the presence of so many places where information needs to be put… many job sites, so many companies career pages and so on.

Imagine if we had to do our social postings at different places instead of one Facebook.

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What can we do about it?

A simple thing first. We can simplify the form in which we express our skills. And then we can make it a common or standard way for expressing skills for jobs and individuals.

The above will lead to better flow of information (assuming the information is allowed to flow), remove the constraints of having to express the same information in different places and finally give us truly the mass of information to perform analytics to cull intelligence for decision making at individual, organization as well as government levels. This is going to be tough. Either those who have silos of information should provide them for use to others, or we should have super skills site like the one we have for the social networking. Else, we need to come some other way. For example, we could have one site where skills profiles are created by individuals (so that they do not have to keep creating the same all over again and again at different places) and let others such as the job sites use them.

Unless we have better quality (simple, standardized and possibly datafied) and have information on skills flow seamlessly we will not be able to overcome the challenges of skills shortage.Related: What is Skills Shortage?