skill gap analysis

How to do the best skill gap analysis for the recruitment procedure

Skill gap analysis

            Skill gap analysis helps to find the difference existing between the skills required for the particular position in an organization and the skills of the existing employee in that position. The skill gap analysis helps the recruiters to look for the particular skill needed for filling in the position.

Skill gap analysis process:

Plan: Complete process is to be planned and prepared before venturing into the process.

  • How the analysis is going to be carried out, either in individual level or at team level.
  • The source of information – from where the complete details can be obtained.
  • The mode of the analysis.

Organization goals: Each organization has its own goals and the team has to work towards achieving the ultimate aim. The needs for achieving the goal i.e., additional skill set, workforce strength, technical knowledge etc. need to be tabulated.

Key skills of the future: To achieve growth and to remain in the competition, new technologies have to be adopted. The skill set required for the new change has to be in check so that the organization will lead in the market.

Current skills measurement: Once the requirements are measured, the current skill set needs to be calculated. The existing skills can be found out using different methods like, surveying, 360- degree feedback process, interviews etc. There are Software available to do this process Softeare such as Avilar, Kahuna and HRSR are being used, however challenge is they are do not have fundamentals of Skills Registries, which is the current international trend, recommended by European Union and Labor research institutes.

Future work trends: The work culture keeps on changing with the new venture of technology and the organization must be ready to adapt the alterations in the organization culture. Analyzing whether the existing culture will be able to cope with the change and spotting the places where it cannot be implemented is crucial.

Identify the gaps: After measurements, the analysis is done to find the difference between the skill requirements to make the organization move in front. A clear study is carried out to know where the gap lies and the actions to be taken in order to bridge the gap.

            Once the skill gap analysis is done, the recruiters can go through the result and can conclude what skills to be seen in a candidate before hiring them into the organization. Recruiters have to look for particular employees with the specific skill set during internal / external and thus filling the skill gaps in the organization.

How to access structured skill profiling?

Skills Profiling from It’s Your Skills (IYS) is structured, comprehensive and effective process to map skills. Skills Profile, thus created, brings out one’s talents or skills of a job in a comprehensive and precise manner.

To facilitate the skills profiling in a structured and standardized process, IYS has created a repository of skills as library or  database of skills. The skills are classified and indexed in different layers of segments and get into depth understanding of the skills.

Skills profiling is a simple and powerful application for the talent -landscape useful for job seekers, career builders, corporates and HR executives. Check out to know more about IYS skill profiling and – Experience Skills Profile and let us know the feedback. 

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