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Indeed, Job Portal Professional Uses Can Have IYS Skills Ontology for Skills Database

Indeed, it is different from most online recruitment tools for employers. Indeed – aggregates job listings from many websites, including job boards, staffing firms, Skills Database associations, and company career pages. This consolidation of job listings–eliminates the need for companies to post jobs in multiple locations and streamlines the search process for job seekers.

  • Indeed– is a job search engine, with powerful search tools to help job seekers find precisely–the kind of jobs they are seeking.
  • Search engines like Indeed aggregates job listings from thousands of job boards, career sites and recruiter checklists.
  • Indeed–helps employers find the right candidates out of a broad talent pool.
  • On Indeed Skills Database –job seekers search results include both aggregated listings and those posted directly by employers.

Many businesses post jobs to Indeed rather than maintaining their career sites and companies of all sizes use this self-serve hiring tool. Jobs that are directly posted to Indeed are managed through an online employer dashboard that can be quickly glanced at and applied to, from mobile devices–making it easy for candidates to apply even if a computer isn’t accessible. Indeed handles, twice as many hires as all other branded job sites, combined.


At–It’s Your Skills —- Skills Ontology offers— Skills Resources and Skills Management Applications around Skills Ontology. It focuses on aggregation and organization of skills in a unique Skills Ontology. It maintains one of the most comprehensive Skills Ontologies based on skill research, offers them in the form of different utilities and simple applications for better Skills Management.

The Skills Ontology by –It’s Your Skills—covers all functions in various spectrum of industries and talent pools. Skills are captured to get a comprehensive view, including the proficiency levels.

While talking about skills, it is necessary to measure experience, and this is included in the ontology too. The Skills Ontology establishes relationships between different categories of skills. Association of skills has a profound impact on the talent landscape, especially while filling positions that require diverse domain expertise. 

Skills Ontology helps to add the soft skills, socials skills, attitudes, and behavioural attributes to skills profile. It appreciates the importance of contextual references, captures them within the ontology and prompts the individual in expressing the context of particular expertise. 

Skills ontology aims to reduce recruiters’ effort and time on the search while increasing the precision with which potential hires are found. A skills ontology can also be used to expose skill gaps and competency levels, to enable the search for people with specific skills. It can influence the requirements for training, education and learning opportunities as part of team building and career planning processes. It’s Your SkillsSkills Ontology, Skills Database offers maximal support both for job seekers and employers.

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