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Useful Data on Skills for An Improved HR Recruitment Process–Skills Database on Cloud

With the world going highly digital– HR managers and personnel need the ability to adapt to new technology. Whether it’s managing Skills Database on Cloud, operating the go through mobiles and tablets, or engaging with people on Social Media, today you’re expected to do more than ever before.

Confronts in the Recruitment Process—

  • Data on Skills is generated in the Whole Process of Recruitment, but very little of this is used. The real wealthy information is wasted. 
  • The fact is, much effort is laid on recruitment procedures, by every organisation. The recruitment process requires several collaborators such as the Hiring ManagerInternal and External Recruiters, Job Boards, Candidates, Interviewers and Human Resources.

Almost all of the “Recruitment Process Tracking” is at a basic level such as —number of candidates who apply, which candidate applied from which source, how long has it taken to process, what is the hit rate and so on. But we barely get the prospect to perform Skills Analysis or recruitment information at skills level. 

Ask the following—

*How many candidates were available with which Competency Matrix? 

*Which skills combination are available, and which are not?

*What are the chances of finding the combination of a particular skill?

*If the probability for a specific combination of skills is low, what next best alternative is available? And, so on and so forth—-

Steps to Overcome the Challenges of the Recruitment Process—Sure Enough—

  • We need to pay more attention to Skills Database for every applicant. To reemphasise, we need to get down to The Skill Level – of every applicant.
  • Need to incorporate the Skills Inventory, generated at every level. When recruiters conduct a screening, the Skills Database should be collected. 
  • When interviewers evaluate candidates on their skill levels, the information they generate should be stored as Skills Database on Cloud.
  • Collection of Applicant Skill Database should be as precise as possible.

The information should be collected and available at one place, no matter how many recruiters were involved, or applicants applied, or interviews are done. This is very crucial for easy Analysis of Skills information.


Solutions from It’s Your Skills can help achieve this. It’s Your Skills can make the Skill Profiling job structured, shareable and accessible.

During each stage of the process, the Skill Inventory is added to the Skills Profile for the job.

It’s Your Skills provides resolution for an improved HR recruitment process!

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