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Eightfold AI, a Talent Management Users Plan Can Have IYS Skills Ontology for Skills Database

Eightfold AI is an AI-powered talent intelligence platform that uses data to provide intelligence on what people are capable of doing. Skills Database provides an individualised, machine learning-driven job matching engine that taps data points from profiles to offer recommendation to recruiters, Skills Database, hiring managers and candidates. The Path to Enterprise Enlightenment is here wit— Eightfold

With the capacity of Eightfold-AI, establishments can develop a comprehensive talent approach. The insights show the employees, how to grow within a company, so they are more likely to thrive. Potential-based hiring increases diversity and shows every employee why they belong. 

Constructed on AI, the “Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform” provides a single source of action for all people in the business: your recruited talent, your applicants current and past, your employees Skills Database, and your alumni. Eightfold’s advanced technologies solve the talent challenges of a modern workforce and provide the experience talent professionals, and candidates have been waiting for.

Our deep learning technology uses billions of data points from more than 100 million talent profiles, providing highly accurate recommendations to recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates, finding insights into people’s capabilities and career paths; not just what they have done in the past.

Eightfold provides personalisation for an individual at every point of interaction, delivering the type of experience the employees Skills Database and candidates have come to expect from current technology. This personalised approach is much quicker, more accurate, and transparent about qualifications and requirements for a job, that encourages qualified candidates to apply.

Eightfold employs Equal Opportunity Algorithms and other best practices that ensure every recommendation is unbiased. 


It’s Your Skills” focusses on “Skills that are research-based and aggregation and organisation of “skills”- in a unique Skills Ontology set-up. 

Rested on this, we maintain one of the most comprehensive Skills Ontologies, offer them in the form of different utilities for different HR Tech developers, while providing simple applications for better Skills Management.

It’s Your Skills–offers Skills Resources and Skills Management Applications around Skills Ontology. We attempt to bring improvement in the Data Quality of Skills across the global talent landscape, which is the key to maximising Human Capital.

An excellent Skills Ontology is an enabler of profiling. The build of “Skills Ontology” has evolved delicately to address the variations, Skills Database unique to the talent landscape. IYS desires to keep enriching this Skills Ontology. 

Skills Ontology appreciates the importance of Contextual References, captures them within the ontology and prompts the individual in expressing the context of a particular skill.

Connect at to learn to match up skills-based-profile with their requirements.

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