Skills Map – World’s first (?)

Awareness leads to growth and development

Skills Map

Maps enable us to know where we are, places near and far, how we could get there et al, making the world exciting to experience.

Being in HR field, I wondered why not a map of skills that can similarly help everyone become aware of their skills, appreciate the related skills and explore new ones? So, we have painstakingly created the world’s first (probably) Skills Map.

Check it out here – Skills Map from It’s Your Skills. (When you get there, either click on one of the functions on the left side or search for a skill in the search box).

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Skills Map is a presentation of the skills in different functions and industries in an organized manner. It helps to appreciate skills from different perspectives. Our profile is a whole of several facets of skills such as skills in tools & technologies, knowledge of concepts & principles, experience in domains and such. This map helps one reflect on all these dimensions.

Here is an amateurishly made video on how-to on the Skills Map.

This map of skills is nowhere near perfect. It will get better and better with users – YOU – contributing to skills that are not there in the this map. You could contribute by typing for a skill in the search box and if you do not find it, contribute the skill through the pop-up box.

How does the Skills Map help?

One can appreciate the various skills one has. Check out the skills that are related to one’s own. For example, one could explore what are the various things within say C++ and what is that one knows amongst them, or, one could check out what are US employment laws one knows and the others, one still does not. Of course, we could also know what skills are required in other areas or fields.

It’s Your Skills uses the Skills Map to offer simple cloud hosted or SAAS (Software As A Service) applications to cover Job Skills Profiling, Employee Skills Profiling, Skills Gap Analysis, Skills Inventorying, Skills Analytics, Resource Deployment, Recruitment and such.

Plugin the Skills Map for free

If you have a website related to talent (job board etc) or a career site or HR Intranet or Career page in your company Intranet

you can plugin this Skills Map for free. It is pretty simple to do; just as we plugin the Google Map in websites.

You or your developer can check out the API for Skills Map.

Please do share your thoughts on this initiative at [email protected]

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If you like the idea, and what we have done on Skills Map, please do share this post, so that everyone can contribute to make the Skills Map better.

Better Skills Map will lead to better awareness!!!