Skills Matrix

Skills Matrix and Its Benefits in HR Skill Management, driving Agile Organisation

Modern-day enterprising industries require all organisations to use all of its resources optimally. To furnish more value to the business, technology must support HR and the recruitment team for Data Analytics of available resources–skill sets. This strengthens the process improvement. They will then have to spend less time on regular administrative activities and more time on Strategic Planning for optimal resource utilisation. It is not easy to combine project management and human resource management beneficially and efficiently without the help of proper Skill Management technique.

skills matrix is a powerful tool to help HR Skill management and monitor staff proficiency levels.” It identifies both current and required standards for each skill, therefore featuring Skills Gap.

Providing tools needed for managers to gain visibility into employee experience and performance–Skills Matrix enables managers to check the development of employees from training to competency, balance workloads wisely, and assign training as required.

Skill Management and Assessment Process–

In many companies, the Employee Skill Management set-up is developed and managed by the human resource department. Skill Matrix is a unique technique to record and view the skills of all the employees of an organisation.

Benefits of a skills matrix in HR Skill Management

Skills Matrix helps to drive performance in many different ways. It is beneficial to —

  • The Team: 

“Competency Matrix” is a tool to help the team. The team gets a quick overview of the skills that are present and the ones that they lack. These missing skills can be established by hiring people with relevant competencies. 

 Additionally, the team is more aware of its weak spots and can take extra care to prevent the missing skills from interfering with performance.

  • Individual: 

-Increased Competencies – investment into the role and development

-Full awareness of what the ‘role’ entails including the relevant skills competencies required

-Thorough knowledge of the desired areas of growth and where they need to focus their training efforts

-Employee gains from improved identification and understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Organisations: Let’s managers or business owners to understand the skill strengths and weaknesses of employees who report to them.

-Increased capacity – by addressing the missing skills and increasing employee competencies, companies can release real size into their businesses without incurring the high costs of recruitment

-Creates the ability to check for the required skills and talents

-A view of skills and skills gaps across an organisation can enable its executives to see areas of skill strength and weakness.

-Enables proper future planning 

-Customers experience a quality of service, increasing the likelihood of them returning and advertising your products.


The customer should mostly be unaware of the existence of a skills matrix. The customer will, however, benefit from the increased levels of competency of the staff, to solve issues accurately. There is–

· Faster response rates 

· Increased rate of quality in service

· Customers feels valued

· Customers experience a very smooth transaction with the company

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