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Effect of Skill Library—a Global Way of Skills Matrix for Better Talent Administration

Think you are about to engage in your first HR Analytics project. You want the project to be successful. How will you make sure you have the right people and the right Skills Matrix to start to finish the job successfully? 

Competency matrix is a tool to plan, required and desired skills for a team or a project. It is a framework that visualises the required and available skills and competencies in an organisation. This says it an essential tool for any ‘Data-driven HR workforce’.

A completed Skills Matrix visualises the skills that are essential, the skills that are readily available and the ones they lack.

Well, your friend indeed is —The skills matrix or Competency Matrix.

Features of Skills Library and Profiling


Skills Library focuses on the essentials. This is important in today’s world when minimal text is the preferred norm of communication. Also, the front-side of the profiling application is in-built and easy to use. 


The structure catering to all functions can form a systematic template that can be used in different conditions and by different people in the business. It shows the way of presenting the profiles of everyone in a standard format using a structured vocabulary instead of the current unstructured resumes.


Talent Management aims to cover all domains and functions. The Skills Library already includes a lot of ground in this respect, which will keep getting richer. 

Active Template:

Over time, the demand for some skills decreases while newer skills come into the trend. It is, therefore, essential that the Skills Library be continuously updated to meet the objective. We have a process in place to keep updating and enriching the library regularly. The inputs come from a team which is working exclusively in understanding and mapping the market,

Complete Profile:

We all know there are several dimensions to one’s skills, which may include one’s specialisation, the expertise in using tools and technologies, experience in a given domain and knowledge levels in principles. The skills are organised to get a complete profile of abilities of candidates. 


Skills Library and Profiling is useful in several contexts. For instance, it can be used for developing individual skills profiles or profiles of positions in companies. Also, it can be deployed to understand the skills landscape, help understand and plan to cover skills gaps.

Shared with Different Users:

We believe that the extensive usage of Skill Library and Profiling [SLP] will help everyone in better growth, i.e. better development of one’s skills and better engagement of these skills. Thus, the SLP is offered as a web service to any service provider. Different applications can be developed as per different users’ needs.

Skills Library and Profiling

Skill Library and Profiling is a tool offered as a web service by” It’s Your Skills. The principal objective is to improve the information flow and thus, the efficiency of the Talent landscape.

Connect with the team at to learn about data-driven tools that will help the HR professional for better talent administration

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