Skills Ontology

For Workday Skills Cloud, IYS Skills Ontology API Can Be High Value for Personalising Skills

Workday Skills Cloud is designed to assist with all the skills within Workday for large companies. Their Skill Cloud recognises necessary skills, categorises them and matches similar Skills Ontology with different terminology. The service is embedded with Workday HCM.

With HR talent management software from Workday, you can invest in your talent from day one, align teams to critical objectives, and develop tomorrow’s leaders. 

Workday Onboarding Process gives you all that the new hires need to hit the ground managing—Offering new hires an efficient start

  • Welcome new employees with tailored messages and required learning videos—reachable from a single panel.
  • Automate new-hire processes and start building talent profiles from day one.
  • Seamless cross-boarding helps internal and international transfers acclimate faster.

With the aid of the Workday Skills Cloud, you can gain insight into where the people force excel and the kind of experience they are having—Understand your workforce

  • Simplify skills language for candidates, employees, recruiters, managers, and HR.
  • Help employees identify current and related skills and suggest skills based on their profile.
  • Measure company culture and show employees you’re listening with regular surveys.

It’s Your Skills – offers Skills Resources and Skills Management Applications around Skills Ontology. It focuses on aggregation and organisation of skills in a unique Skills Ontology. Maintains one of the most comprehensive Skills Ontologies based on skill research/ profiles, offer them in the form of different utilities and provide simple applications for better Skills Management. 

Skills ontology by It’s Your Skills—is contextual. Skills Ontology appreciates the importance of contextual references, captures them within the ontology and prompts the individual in expressing the context of a particular skill. We endeavour to bring quantum improvement in the data quality of expertise across the global talent landscape, which is the key to maximising human capital.

It’s your skills-‘Skills Ontology’, has evolved beautifully to address the various nuances unique to the talent landscape. And now IYS seeks to keep enriching this skills ontology and also share it with others. 

The future of work will need organisations and their people to continuously keep up with the pace of technology and fundamental industry shifts. To arrange for the future, organisations must have resources to study the skills and capabilities their workforce has today so that they can start developing their talent for tomorrow. 

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