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For Ed Cast, an Open Skills Builder Users, IYS Skills Ontology Can Be Added Value for Complex Skills Combination

Ed Cast– is an open skills cloud and Skills Ontology -builder, that uses O*Net and a variety of other models with more than millions of content objects and users’ profiles. Their solutions are aimed at helping organisations more effectively hire, develop, manage, and retain top talent. 


Ed Cast aggregates all the knowledge and learning content, including from external providers, your subject matter experts, and your team’s preferred web-based content resources. 

Create and Organisation

Ed Cast’s Machine Learning curation engine ensures that only the highest quality, most relevant and contextual content is presented to your team.


Ed Cast’s AI-based targeting engine learns about the team members and their preferences — and then makes continuous content and teaching recommendations.

Learn & Guide

Facilitate application usage with step-by-step guides (for web, mobile and desktop apps). Offer click-by-click direction with graphics, video and audio. Understand app usage with analytics. Drive adoption and ROI with push notification and in-app guides.


Drive employee productivity with automation. Automate app workflows flawlessly with My Guide. Reduce the number of clicks by 90% and auto-fill forms with data. Each guide is automatically enabled for automation.

“The most challenging problem in business is matching the right person to the right job”.

It’s Your Skills–Ontology–can add value for Complex Skills Combination“. 

In the context of a database system, Ontology is the representation of knowledge offset of concepts–within a domain and the relationship between them. ‘Ontology’ provides a shared vocabulary, which can be used to model an area and concepts, their properties and relations. 

Skills Ontology is a structured resource of skills. The Skills Ontology helps in identifying skills and experiences in your workforce. It consists of a vibrant and dynamic resource of expertise across industries and functions for easy mapping of skills to people and jobs. Skills Ontologies enable matching skillsets and help to bring a universal commonness in the use of semantics used for qualifications. It uses information on skills much more efficiently, thus helping people to make better decisions and choices. It also enables an adequate flow and use of information on Skills, collected from across the global talent landscape.

Based on the skills research, “It’s Your Skills” maintains one of the most comprehensive Skills Ontologies.

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