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For Degreed Skills Assessment IYS Skills Ontology Can Be of High Value for Personalising Skills

Degreed – skills assessment engine and search engine analytics help Degreed customers unlock new insights about the supply of expertise within their organisations. They recently acquired Adepto to bridge the divide between the supply and demand for Skills Ontology. Data-driven skill assessments can offer a vision. Leaders must address skill gaps in their workforce while remaining unbiased and accurate. 

Degreed’s Skill Ratings and Skill Review features provide organisations—the talent data around the skills, their people force has. They also check for–which skills they need and how those skills will fit into the roles and opportunities within the business. When businesses can effectively quantify the skills in their workforce, this information can be used as the common thread between learning, talent, and workforce management strategies. This, however, requires standardised measurement techniques, which can be applied to a broad range of skills and produce results that are consistent as well as, easy to understand.

The strategy must also utilise tools that are cost-effective and easy to use. These ideas are the foundation of the new skill rating system within “Degreed”., Skill Rankings make it feasible to measure progress, create a quick benchmark, or build development plans—on an individual level. But the challenge is that degreed skills assessment is not contextual.

Every establishment wants to develop and re-skill their workforce to grow their people and their business, but many of them lack a fundamental understanding of the skills they have and the skills they need. Skills effectively tackles this issue heads on. 

There are very few providers who are focused on skills ontology-based skills-on-cloud and its applications.

“It’s Your Skills” is one such provider which focusses on “Skills Research”. It offers Skills Resources and Skills Management Applications around Skills Ontology

It focuses on

—aggregation and organisation of skills in a unique Skills Ontology.

—maintains one of the most comprehensive Skills Ontologies based on skill research

It’s Your Skills maintains one of the most extensive Skills Ontologies, provides them in the form of different utilities for other HR Tech developers and offer simple applications for better skills management

A functional Ontology is an organiser of Skills Profiling. The development of Skills Ontology has evolved beautifully to address the various nuances unique to the talent landscape. Now IYS seeks to keep enriching this skills ontology and also share the same with others.

Skills Ontology appreciates the importance of contextual references, captures them within the ontology and prompts the individual in expressing the context of a particular skill.

We endeavour to bring quantum improvement in the data quality of skills across the global talent landscape, which is the key to maximising venture capital.

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