Skills Ontology

Burning Glass and EMSI Users Can Have IYS Skills Ontology for More Structured Skills on Cloud

Burning Glass and EMSIBurning Glass APIs bring industry-leading job market insights into customer-built workflows. Burning Glass data is placed to drive informed decision making, Skills Ontology improve consumer engagement, and qualify opportunities.

Data companies that aggregate Skills from job boards around the world to give a database of labour market talent along with real-time data and breakthrough planning tools that inform careers, define academic programs, and shape workforces.

For the Workforce Agencies–

*Use labour market data to facilitate career counselling

*Delegate job seekers to traverse new opportunities in related or similar occupations.

*Offer tools that assist job seekers in developing and managing their careers and build a customized learning design to achieve the specified goals.

For companies:

*Construct a workforce planning and strategic talent decisions using real-world labour market.

*Improve people force engagement and retention using career pathways to groom internal talent

*Refine talent acquisition and inform “build vs buy” decisions

*Acquire competitive intelligence on emerging markets and industries. Understand the current state of your workforce and determine future needs based on new and emerging skills in the labour market.

Burning glass APIS —-drive engagement, conversions and decisions with job market data.

It’s Your SkillsSkills Ontology is a structured resource of skills. The Skills Ontology helps in identifying skills and experiences in your workforce. It consists of vibrant and dynamic support of expertise across industries and functions for easy mapping of skills to people and jobs. Skills Ontologies enable matching datasets and help to bring a universal commonness in the use of semantics used for skills. It uses information on skills much more efficiently, thus helping people to make better decisions and choices. It also enables a sufficient flow and use of information on skills, collected from across the global talent landscape

The most challenging problem in business is matching the right person to the right job. Skills Ontology provides an exhaustive and precious resource where skills are organized in such a manner that we can articulate, analyze and infer information on skills in a seamless way.

Skills Ontology aims to reduce recruiters’ effort and time on the search while increasing the precision with which potential hires are found. It can also be used to reveal skill gaps and competency levels to enable the hunt for people with specific skills. It can influence the requirements for training, education and learning opportunities as part of team building and career planning processes.

Skills Ontology—Focuses on aggregation and organization of skills in a unique Skills Ontology.

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