Talent Recruitment

The 4 S’s of Talent Recruitment–Sourcing, Screening, Specifications and Selection

An Efficient Talent Recruitment Process—focuses on finding an accurate fit for the right job at the right time. This step-by-step process helps bring in talented people who can help the business grow.

Recruitment is a process, that involves time and effort of many HR Managers inside and outside the organization. Most frequently, the process of recruitment is not well appreciated and thus leads to enormous wastage of resources and inefficiencies. 

The recruitment process has many key phases and can vary from company to company depending on the business structure, size of the company, nature of operations, existing recruitment workflow and selections. 

  • Specification of the position to be filled—

In any function involving fulfilment of a need, there are expectations from the Hiring Manager who wants to fill that placement. The specification of the position predominantly covers the talent that is needed for the job but other subtle aspects are not directly related to skills. Often HR adds to the specifications spelt out by the Hiring Manager – adding cultural dimensions to the specifications, the work conditions and other employment policy-related aspects.

  • Source of Talent Recruitment[Skills Source] —

The most challenging areas in recruitment are–Sourcing. It is about identifying the human      resources which match the specifications for job placement. There are several sources such as internal referrals, social media, job sites, advertisements and the web network. There is an ocean of Skills Data, and one needs to save the information to reach the appropriate resource. Finding those resources that match – remains a challenging task for sure.

  • Screening of Skills Matrix— 

Having sourced the resources that are likely to match the specifications of the position to be filled, the profiles of the prospects need to be screened. i.e. The screening may be based on Skills Gap Analysis and expectations of the resources in terms of recruitment. The screening process is performed by the HR Skills Management within and outside the business. An exceptional screening saves enormous time of the HR Administration

What to look for—is the critical question while doing a proper screening.  

  • Selection of the Candidate – 

Finally, Skills Mapping is performed via interviews. There could be several rounds of interviews to assess the Skills Profiling of the prospects on various skills that are required for the position. The recruiters, Without, a good understanding of the demands of the Advanced HR Management, candidate screening will not happen correctly. 

Therefore, tools are needed, that can enable to perform the screening process more efficiently and effectively.

It’s your skills is an application that enables the HR Manager to be communicative and allow recruiters to better screen prospects. Log on to www.itsyourskills.com for any queries.

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