The Skill Taxonomy Used for Accurate Skill Maps

Skills are quite essential in today’s world. Most businesses around the globe are trying to implement complex talent management systems to match the right skills to available jobs. Thus, we believe your business benefits from mapping skills out too.

That’s why using a skills taxonomy is beneficial for your organisation. Additionally, professionals can also use it. It helps them understand how their skills are interlinked. 

What is Skills Taxonomy?

The world of skills is complex and diverse. Most professionals have a diverse skill-set but are unable to employ it. A skill taxonomy helps you map out all the skills you may have. It uses a database of hard and soft skills and maps out skills that are inter-connected.  

The Benefits of a Skill Taxonomy

A skill taxonomy contributes to helping professionals map their skills. However, since skills have quite a number of nuances involved, the system offers streamlined solutions like:

  • 1. A profile competency assessment system uses an intelligent database to map out the complexities and nuances between different skills. It works to distinguish skills and interrelate them. It accounts for certifications, qualifications, knowledge, aptitude, hard and soft skills, etc. 
  • 2. The best skill taxonomy system covers domains like IT, Engineering, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Finance, Sales & Marketing, HR, Arts, Science & Education, etc.
  • 3. This system is developed and updated constantly to add new skills to the existing portfolio. Thus, it accounts for market changes, innovation, new technology and creates a skills portfolio based on the same.
  • 4. You can access a total of 130000 skills based on job hierarchy, association, and context.

Which are the Best Skills Taxonomy?

We recommend using ISOT. This skills taxonomy, is constantly updated using leading software tools, subject matter expert consultations, and feedback from users. Thus, it uses a composite and integrated development pattern to remain up-to-date with relevant market trends. 

IYS, is the best data-centric human capital solutions service firm in India. They host ISOT and can help you start mapping skills right away! Give you career or business, the right information, and steam ahead of competitors.