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What does it take to build a bionetwork for Skills Profile?

There is so much going on in the corporate world. Organisations are increasingly adopting new technology; new jobs are being created often; Skills Profile are becoming outdated very fast, and there is a lack of eligible employees with excellent Skills Ontology. Such a scenario demands innovative strategies to attract and retain talent. Skills Management is what is needed critically.

Businesses want to grow, and so do we. Growing means—

 *Continuously developing our skills as per changing market scenario and

 *Applying these skills effectively – for better fulfilment and better recognition.

There is an existence of a diverse workforce bionetwork. The employer-employee relationship has been converted into a varied range of workers, talent networks and service providers that bring skills and capabilities to ensure that the most qualified people help move the business forward. Skill Matrix can accelerate HR operations effectively. 

So how can we better fulfil this desire for growth?

Companies must understand what skills they need and when. At times, individual projects require a specific skill set to work with a client. In such situations, there is a demand for independent workers. This helps companies to put together a workforce based on need. 

The Web has introduced people to the social “environment“. By getting more people, the probability of connecting to someone else–gets bigger. Also, the social networking website successfully uses intelligence to help us connect. The two crucial things it does: 

*It understands the person or rather their Profile – education, people connected to, their interests and so on;

*it applies the technologies to identify the right people or right things that are likely to be of interest to the self. Only a few among the millions of people who are friends or connects matter to us. Facebook knows this and can pull these few relevant ones.

Applying the lessons learnt 

Now let’s use these observations to the more critical need of ours – better growth by talent development and talent engagement.

We can all benefit if – ‘Businesses and Individuals are connected through an ecosystem’.

 When more and more people and companies participate in the ecosystem, each of us can have a better chance of fulfilling our growth needs. We will be able to get better Skill Management opportunities, learning opportunities, and insights to present business needs. 

This is just the beginning. We need something more fundamental before we do these two—creating an Ecosystem and building “individualisation” framework– 

“We need to remember that Facebook understands our social Profile very well. We provide it with information about our education, interests and others. Similarly, for skills-book [as we call it], we will need to have a good common way of Skills Mapping. Only when Skills Profile are mapped well, can a connection between the two be created well, as well as it needs to bring out each of the specific and unique skills”.

Since there is no universal, standardised way of Skills Mapping, and this is where It’s Your Skills, has laid the foundation and done work after years of research. 

It has created a simple tool with an extensive intelligent Skills library, to help all of us build our Skills Profile in a standard fashion.

Work on the pieces of skills-book– such as creating an ecosystem and mechanisms for individualisation is in process. This will benefit all of us and energise the growth of each of us.

So, connect with us at now to understand the concept.

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