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What Is Behavioural Competency Profiling? Why Is It Important?

A behavioural competency profile refers to the personal behavioural attributes of an individual. It is a concoction of all the soft skills that a person can exhibit in a work environment. Behavioural competency profiling helps you comprehend the personality types of people. It gives you a better idea of the kind of role that fits your employees perfectly.

Behavioural competency is rendered essential in today’s business environment. Matching the correct personality type to job requirements improves morale and motivation. Thus, we suggest you use a competency gap analysis to find the right talent for your jobs. 

How Does It Work?

Behavioural competency, is divided into broad categories. These categories help you detect each specific attribute of a person’s behavioural skillset:

  1. People-based behaviour is better known as interpersonal skills. It implicates how well-versed a person is in interacting with other people. It also is a marker for the empathy a person can exercise. 
  2. Success-oriented behaviour assesses the decision-making ability of an individual. It accounts for how a person takes responsibility, communicates in a team, organises time, takes positive decisions, etc.
  3. The third is managerial behaviour, this attribute indicates how well a person can motivate other people and staff to achieve their potential.

The common suite of skills included in behavioural competency profiling is achievement orientation, agility, adaptability, continuous learning, client focus, data literacy digital literacy, facilitation capacity, impact and influence, information collation, emotional intelligence, creativity and innovation, business process knowledge, initiative, presentation, project management planning and organising, quality focus, team leadership, financial management, etc. 

Steps for Conducting Competency Gap Analysis

When you conduct a competency gap analysis, you’ll need to plan and interpret the needs of your organisation quickly. Following this, identify the essential skills required in your organisation. After this, you will need to identify the current skills available according to individual employee competencies. Finally, once you’ve completed the preceding steps, act on the data you have by designing training modules, realigning the workforce, etc. 

The behavioural competency map, is difficult to create manually. That’s why, you need to implement skill management software. It helps you automate the process of skills mapping.

This system saves you time and cost. Additionally, using the advanced cloud-based architecture, you’re able to design a competency gap analysis accurately. It helps your organisation make informed decisions promptly. Thus, go online, and search for the best competency profiling software available to increase your business productivity.  


1. Is Behavioural Profiling Essential?

Yes. Behavioural Competency profiling, helps you get a better idea of the human resource requirements of your organisation. It allows you to engage human resources better and aids in improving organisational efficiency.

2. How Does a Skill Management System Help?

It helps you catalogue the behavioural competencies available in your organisation. Using the diverse skills taxonomy of such software, you can also access a robust list of competencies to evaluate the current gap in your business. 

3. Where Can I Find Such Software?

You can find this software on our website and get yourself a trial today!

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