What is Skills Profiling from IYS?

Skills Profiling from It’s Your Skills (IYS) is a structured manner for qualitative and quantitative mapping of skills. Skills Profile, thus created, brings out one’s skills or a skills of a job in a comprehensive and precise manner.

Skills Profiling has been conceived so that skills of all of us and of all jobs can be articulated in a common, easy to comprehend manner and information on skills can be easily analyzed and used for varied purposes.

In order to facilitate the skills profiling in a standardized manner, IYS has created a large and continuously updated library or taxonomy or database of skills. The skills are classified in different segments and gets into depth to get a good overall and in-depth understanding of the skills.

Here is the structure of Skills Profile from IYS

Skills Profiling application is a simple easy-to-use web interfac

The frontend of the Skills Profiling application is a simple easy-to-use web interface. One can identify one’s function and drill down to different aspects on one’s skills. Fuzzy search enables quick location of the skills from the skills library. One’s the skills are selected, one can add proficiency levels to the different skills. Proficiency level legends vary, though a five point scale is used across, for consistency in datafication.

The final out out of a Skills Profile is shown below. As can be seen, the same standard template for skills profile is used in the case of jobs as well as persons. One can imagine the immense utility of such common standard template. Matching between jobs and applicants becomes easier, identifying gaps in skills between that required for a job and that of an employee becomes easier and so on.


Skills Profiling thus is a simple yet powerful application for the talent landscape useful for individuals, businesses and HR. Want to know or experience it yourself? Check out – Experience Skills Profile