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Why Is Behavioural Competency Essential?

Assessment of skills and matching the correct personnel to the job at hand is essential for business. Today’s diverse climate requires an approach that is analytical and grounded. For this purpose, mapping the behavioural competency of employees can get your business a boost in its productivity. It also helps your HR solve issues related to low morale and motivation. 

Thus, behavioural competency profiling is an approach that you must employ to get the best out of your employees. However, with the fast-paced environment of business, it may seem like a herculean feat. That’s why, using a competency management systemcan help you streamline the process.  

What is a competency management system?

A competency management system helps you map the behavioural competencies of your employees in four core areas:

  1. Personal Attributes: Personal attributes indicate the individualistic behaviour of an individual. It includes confidence, attitude, logical/creative potential, etc. 
  2. Interpersonal Skills: These skills indicate how well a person can collaborate with others and includes communication, teamwork, etc. 
  3. Analytical Abilities: In today’s insight-driven world of business, analytical capacities play a huge role. Mapping the analytical competency of an employee can help you match them to a role that requires an analytical mind. 
  4. Leadership Skills: Leadership in today’s dynamic business climate is essential. Mapping this attribute can help you conduct appropriate talent management.

Thus, once the finer points are ironed out, you can match employees to job profiles in your organisation that fit them the best. 

Why is behavioural competency profiling essential?

Behavioural competency profilingin conjunction with skill management can help you assert efficiency in your business. Matching employees with jobs available becomes easier. The combination of personal attributes to hard and soft skills gives you a 360-degree approach to talent management and succession planning. The key benefits of competency profiling are:

  1. Your business can adopt a high-octane business ecosystem
  2. It helps you establish an organisational culture of motivation and high morale
  3. It brings in holistic changes to the way your organisation tackles challenges present in this dynamic business environment
  4. It allows you to scale your business rapidly and diversify with ease

Thus, if you want to conduct behavioural competency profiling, you should use a leading software. A competency management system can help you iron out the competencies essential for different job roles. Combining a skills taxonomy and ESM with this can help you drive business efficiency unlike ever before. Search online for a cutting-edge competency management system and skyrocket your HR verticals today. 


1. Is Behavioural Competency Mapping Essential?

Yes. It gives your insight into the type of employees you have and also allows you to create failproof succession plans to automate your organisational hierarchy. Additionally, this system also enables you to determine the suitability of employees for job roles and helps you plan for training and development. 

2. What is a Skills Taxonomy?

A skills taxonomy consists of a finite list of skills. It helps organisations determine the skills it has and doesn’t have. Thus, it helps in finding the skill gaps and helps in making decisions to fill the gaps.

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