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What is the importance of people Workforce Analytics for digital transformation of HR?

Over the last decade digital transformation has made a lot of changes in the HR department. Data-driven insights have exploded in every sector and human resources department is no exception. Technological advancements like HR systems, Advanced analytics, Workforce Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Chat bots, Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, Gamification, Automation, and Block chain, are transforming the way business work, but while considering the HR department it’s People analytics that is impacting day-to-day decisions the most.

People Analytics:

People Analytics is a data-driven approach to managing people at work. In other words, People Workforce Analytics refers to analytics that will help managers and executives make better management decisions about their employees or workforce.

People analytics will help the HR department in digital transformation through a lot of ways. Some of them are,

⦁              it helps the HR to take better decisions using data.

⦁              It helps create a business case for HR interventions.

⦁              It helps test the effectiveness of these interventions.

⦁              It helps to move from an operational partner to a tactical or even strategic partner.

And the few ways HR department can build their capability in people analytics are as follows,


The lack of Capability experienced by HR Professionals which is largely centered on their learning experience while gaining their university qualification could be one of the core reasons for the HR’s slow response to embracing people analytics.

Learning institutions across the world tend to focus on training, resourcing, employment law, performance management, etc., but mostly not on People analytics which makes it difficult for the HR to face people Workforce Analytics during Digital transformation.


Almost every function in the organization can be defined or affected by the culture maintained in that organization. The culture of the organization plays a vital role in the mindset of the employees and in building capability in people analytics. To determine how we build the people analytics ability the HR should make sure whether the culture of the HR as a profession is kept up with the pace of change in the world of data.


It’s important to have the right mindset and culture that supports you, but without the availability of training and access to the right learning content within the organization at the point of need nothing necessary can be built within the HR functions. In other words, to embed a culture of data and build people analytics the HR has to give the employees proper training with the right content, in the right time. 

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